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Employee Resources

Employee Resources

The following pages offer resources to our consultants, employees and alumni.


For a complete interactive experience, we invite you to visit and participate in Atria, a moderated blogging site for all current and former Atria professionals. The Atria  provides news and insights into the IT services industry and career market as well as other business and non-business topics. Your input and comments are valued, so sign on and engage us and your peers in an illuminating and fun global online dialogue.

Atria's corporate employees, consultants, alumni and subcontractors actively network via traditional and online media. Members share information regarding job opportunities, career challenges and advice, industry trends, geographical hot spots, and so forth.

Visit us at The Atria, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn Pages to read more about what's happening now and see what people are saying about Atria.  Check out Atria’s social media pages and read:

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Career Pathing

Atria is an employer-of-choice for professionals working coast-to-coast across the USA. As the company continues to grow at an astonishing rate, we are committed to maintaining relationships with former and current peers while welcoming our newest employees.

Atria's consultants and temporary employees may move on to permanent jobs at our Fortune 1000. Atria manages these transitions with great care because of our long-term dedication to our clients and employees-turned-alumni.

Atria internal corporate employees have a robust, core HR staff to support their needs and work with them to determine and develop career growth and enrichment plans.

Atria consultants have talent management specialists (TMS's) assigned to them as part of the company's consultant care program.

Each employee and contractor should avail him/herself to Atria's expertise and direction in order to establish a mid- and/or long-term career path and plan to achieve each and every objective.

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