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The Right Solution for Payroll Services

Utilizing third party payroll services for professional level workers has become an integral part of an effective contingent workforce strategy for almost all large companies. Cost effective personnel planning and payroll management through Atria is a flexible staffing alternative without long-term hiring commitments.

  • Special projects
  • Cutting headcount
  • Trial periods
  • Returning retirees
  • Access to specialty skills
  • Accommodating peak workloads

By quickly transferring employees recruited by clients to Atria payroll, they can respond immediately to heightened productivity demands without maintaining unnecessary personnel through business downturns. Atria payrolls one person or entire departments.

  • Payroll and W-2 preparation
  • Employer of record status
  • All administrative tasks
  • Payment of workers’ compensation and unemployment taxes
  • Handle workers’ compensation and unemployment claims
  • Payment, processing and reporting of all mandatory payroll taxes
  • Provide alternative benefits options
  • Legal exposure to employment issues

Our clients retain full control and supervision of employees while Atria assumes total responsibility for the payroll. Access to a menu of benefits to payrolled employees keeps our client companies competitive in recruiting. As a payrolling partner, Atria utilizes its years of experience and expertise to focus on addressing the issues most important to our clients.

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