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Business Intelligence and Analytics

The Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (CoE) group at Atria IT, provides solutions to facilitate timely discovery and delivery of actionable information. Applying a strong combination of technical expertise and business acumen we develop and implement customized, intuitive BI software solutions to optimize analysis, management reporting, and planning capabilities at all tiers of the enterprise.

We provide consulting and development services concerning data architecture, data management and planning, data processing, and analysis-based decision-making tools. Our strong BI development and consulting team can apply our self-developed products for basic platforms such as operation scheduling, metadata management, data quality management, and structured data search engine. We have also developed comprehensive industry-focused solutions along with specifically defined professional Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for consulting, implementation, and testing services.

Our Data and BI capabilities are well-proven with many years of successful practice in several industries. This includes deep experience in Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services, Corporate Finance, Insurance, Public Sector, Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Retail solutions.

What we do

  • Banking

    Atria provides complete architecture planning and consulting services such as Operational Data Store (ODS), Data Warehouse (DWH), and Data Mart (DM). We also have comprehensive application solutions including management accounting, risk management, customer relationship management (CRM), performance appraisal, regulatory reports, and business reports. Additionally, we offer data mining consulting services in support of risk management and precision marketing.

  • Security and Fund Companies

    We can provide system application solutions concerning index stock selection, CRM, DWH construction based on data source cleansing, data standardization, and data analysis.

  • Financial Service Companies

    We offer integrated solutions for financial enterprise customers based on the theory of multidimensional data centers. These help to establish enterprise-level, integrated information views so as to provide information query and statistical analysis support for improved decision making.

  • Enterprise Customers with Finance Control Needs

    Atria can build financial data analysis models for our clients. We have developed comprehensive solutions covering BI systems, group finance analysis platforms, and group strategic performance management systems.

  • Insurance

    Atria can integrate data from various disparate sources such as business data, actuarial data, financial data and others -- and can restructure the data after conducting an analysis so as to build a data platform for the insurance industry. Along with this data platform, we can help build online analysis and processing (OLAP) systems and intelligent multidimensional report generation and release systems for insurance companies.

  • Public Sector

    Atria provides professional Geographic Information System (GIS) and BI data analysis services for housing and urban-rural development commissions. We also offer data center development and tax analysis and monitoring services for tax authorities, as well as consulting and application services such as transport data analysis, public transport card analysis, dynamic analysis, and management of financial incomes.

  • Manufacturing and Retail

    Atria develops application solutions for the manufacturing and retail sectors. They provide financial analysis, profitability analysis, customer analysis, procurement analysis, sales analysis, production analysis, inventory analysis, logistics analysis, service efficiency analysis, competitiveness analysis of the entire process, management screen, and decision-making dashboard. These targeted solutions are designed all industry aspects such as product and raw material procurement, manufacturing, sales, and corporate strategic decision making.

  • Real Estate

    Atria offers comprehensive systems and solutions to manage all aspects of the real estate business such as selling, cost control, and accounts receivable (AR) collection. We can provide a full range of analysis services with BI systems covering house subscription, house contracting, project AR collection, contract payment, onsite signing, material management, supplier qualification assessment, supplier bid invitation, and inventory balance.


    Build a better BI capability

    Preparing for more flexibility and future growth in your BI capability includes modernizing your BI software and infrastructure. It also relies on change management to prepare the organization to make the best use of the new level of strategy and insight your BI function can provide.

    A long history of successful BI Transformation initiatives

    Atria Business Intelligence Transformation service can help your company revitalize your existing capability to achieve the blend of function, agility and cost required to support your business operation. Our long history of success in the global design, development and on-going support of BI Transformation makes us uniquely positioned to support your company's BI transformation. Our BI Transformation solution provides several key benefits:

    • Right information, Right Time, Right People - ensures that business-users can optimize business performance, improve operational efficiency and increase visibility across the organization to make better strategic and prompt operational decisions.
    • An array of innovative business-led and technologically advanced, information delivery-platforms - for reporting, dashboards, data and mobile visualizations to improve your company's decision-making.
    • Pre-built BI-specific Assets - accelerates implementation while ensuring alignment with objectives and end-users needs.
    • Has a componentized, scalable and standardized approach to fully support cross-functional business requirements.
    • Uses technologically advanced options based on proven reference architectures.
    • An iterative approach that engages business users and end-users early in the design process of reports, dashboards and mobile layouts to ensure alignment of organizational benefits and ROI.
    • Changes the business, not just IT - Our approach transforms IT and business units in tandem with the aim to form an ongoing partnership between IT and its users.

Our advantages

  • Atria has skilled professional BI development resources with deep experience of serving Healthcare clients.
  • Atria has nearly a decade of experience in BI data analysis for Financials, Insurance, Healthcare and etc.
  • Our technical team's skill set covers mainstream database systems such as Oracle, DB2, Teradata, MongoDB and MS SQL Server.
  • Atria makes optimal use of mainstream ETL tools including IBM DataStage and Informatica.
  • Atria has extensive experience with BI tools such as IBM Cognos, OBIEE, SAP BO, MicroStrategy, QlikView, and SAS.
  • We conduct BI services in the fields of ETL control, metadata management, data quality management, and structured data search by leveraging our self-developed application platform.
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